Thursday, March 26, 2009

That's MISS Tyra!!

Sometimes I think black cats get a bad reputation. They can be cute and loveable too!! Take a look at Tyra the cat.

Beautiful in real life...

and now in painting form!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Everybody loves surprises!

Recently when Laurah and Victoria celebrated thier birthday, I decided I would make them surprise birthday cards cause I'm cool like that. They're twins so they get the same colours cause I bet their mom used to put them in matching outfits when they were little...That's cute.

When you put them side by side, it looks like Laurah is giving Tori the stink eye. And rightfully so.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Random awesome person/place/thing of the week AND exciting news!!!

Wow! Have I got some big news for you. Most people know that I have been working side by side with my good friend creating some pretty cool stuff under the name DiPoe. I give you exhibit A:
Well my friends, as of 2 days ago, DiPoe has become an official pertnership. That's right! Myself and the talented Francesco Giovane have joined forces to become 2 halves of one great artsy fartsy pie and boy does it taste delicious!

To celebrate the occasion, the DiPoe team went to lunch.... Which brings me to the random awesome person/place/thing of the week. May I present to you Yang's Tepanyaki & Sushi. Not only do they serve the best sushi on the face of the planet, but the staff and atmosphere are delightful.
Have a look at the usual DiPoe meal.

Yang's chopsticks!!! This is a new feature.
Some miso soup. OOooohh Misooooo hungry! get it? ;)
Delux Spicy Sushi Pizza. Trust me, you'll love it!Maki set B comes complete with shrimp tempura roll, california roll AND my personal favourite, the spicy salmon roll.Salmon sashimi... not my choice. Believe me!Yellow tail and green onion roll AND spicy scallop roll!The answer to "you sure you're gonna finish all that??"

And there you have it! One trip to Yang's and you'll be hooked.

To check out what else Yang's has to offer, visit their site at

To check out all the crazy stuff going on at DiPoe, check out the blog at

Friday, March 6, 2009

Happy Friday!

I've been pretty busy lately with custom orders and I'm finally done...for now. Check them out!

The famous Super Sarah gets a valentine's gift for her husband Richard.

Alyssa's boyfriend Adam likes Wanderlei Silva and blood.

Vito loves his car!

Lisa loves herself.

I'm really not sure about this one.

To place a custom order, email me at OR call me at 416.890.8524

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