Friday, February 27, 2009

Random awesome person/place/thing of the week!

I come across some pretty awesome stuff in my daily adventures so I’ve decided to share them with everyone!

My first random awesome person/place/thing is…. SUPER SARAH!

Some fun facts about Sarah:
- she’s hot stuff
- her new favourite colour is teal (it used to be purple)
- she likes smoked salmon and crackers for lunch
- she has a cat (tyra), a dog (goober) and a husband (Richard)
- she is the nicest person I know (besides myself ;) )
- the mc at her wedding was a pirate!!
- she buys all my paintings

And let us not forget the most important fact about Super Sarah:

-she is an amazing hair stylist!! I know this because she does my hair and that’s why it always looks as good as it does.

If you’re looking for a new funky hair stylist, she’s the girl for you!! I don’t have any pictures of her work but I do have pictures of her, which should be enough to make you love her and want her to do your hair.

She's not as scary as she looks!
She always colour co-ordinates!Like a super star!!

And there you have it!

To book an appointment with Sarah, call the Cerilli Hair and Esthetics Salon today at 905-508-9400 OR stop in at 10520 Yonge St., Unit 43 in Richmond Hill. You’ll be happy you did!

Super Sarah approves this blog post... and grilled cheese sandwiches!


Anonymous said...

Sarah is awesome. She is one of my adopted children.

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